Digital technology is a strong influence in lives across the world. Even in hard to reach areas, technology has been a driving force for change and expanding the impact of social ventures. Technology in social enterprises is, therefore, a necessity to allow for growth. It expands influence and promotes ever more meaningful impact.

Scale Impact with Technology

Technology provides the avenue to reach more of your target market to scale up your operations. For example, one of the simplest methods to engage a target market is through a creatively designed responsive website. Software is another option that allows you to streamline and improve your operations. Tech is, therefore, a cost-effective way to expand your enterprise’s influence. It can build transparency, credibility, and accountability in your operations.

Expansion with Apps

Social enterprises use creative and innovative solutions to impact people, planet, and profits. Thus, it makes sense to look to ways that allow for scalability, quick turnaround, and easy accessibility. On-demand apps have driven the expansion of businesses such as Uber which are aimed at making life easier. From data collection to educational apps, the possibilities are endless. Your enterprise can use tech to make life easier for your target group with web and mobile app development.

Finding Investors with Innovative Ideas

Social entrepreneurs often struggle to start and expand because of lack of capital. Social enterprises that can generate a profit from their products or services find it a bit easier to attract funding than their counterparts. But you still need to find the investor, or better yet, have them find you. Enterprises without products or services find it difficult to balance what they plan to do and investor expectations.

Finding investors require an innovative approach. In today’s crowded market, multiple start-ups are competing for funding. Technology, therefore, helps enterprises to stand out from the competition and determines their success.

When done right, technology provides the convenience for generating investment and finding potential investors. A social entrepreneur can navigate the digital market space and increase funding potential. They just need the right technology partner to work with.

Technology in Social Enterprises – Doing More with Less

“Technology for the sake of technology is a waste of precious resources”.  (Justin Rattner, Former President of the Intel Foundation). This statement highlights one of the values behind Catalyst Development. We wanted to focus on helping social enterprises do more with technology.

As a social enterprise, it is always a challenge to do more with fewer resources. But, technology allows social entrepreneurs to bridge that gap and increase their chances of success. The access fostered by innovative technological applications give social entrepreneurs the necessary tools to drive change.

You are reading this article on a site driven by technology and powered by entrepreneurial creativity and innovation. Similarly, your social enterprise can use technological advancements to drive the impact you want to achieve.

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