Are you operating your non-profit enterprise on a shoestring budget? And do you believe that because of this you cannot afford the cost of marketing? Well, we are here to tell you that there are cost-effective strategies to market your enterprise. And you must take advantage of these low-cost marketing solutions for non-profit enterprises for your non-profit to thrive.

Why Marketing Matters Especially for Non-Profits

When companies face budgetary constraints, one of the first areas they tend to look for cuts is marketing. But this is a counterproductive strategy that will cost your non-profit in the long-run. If your ideal market is not aware of your activities, then you cannot drive the revenues you need to continue your operations. What you should instead do is look to see how best to leverage the resources you have, to market your non-profit effectively.

Marketing is building a relationship with people. It is difficult to raise funds from someone you just met. But, if you have built a relationship with them over time, the process from friend to donor or business partner becomes easier. And people are willing to give. According to Giving USATM, Americans donated over $373 billion in the year 2015 to a variety of non-profit institutions.

Source of data: Giving USATM

If you want to benefit from this and global giving trends, you need to make your non-profit known.

Non-Profit Low-Cost Marketing Solutions

When you are searching for marketing options while facing budgetary constraints, you need practical and innovative low-cost marketing strategies. As such, technological solutions are one of the easiest and most cost-effective marketing tools available to you as a non-profit.

They are:

  • Easily created once you have the right partners to work with
  • Customizable to your specific needs and outreach plans
  • Long-lasting which translates to value for money
  • Great at keeping you digitally connected to an increasingly connected audience

Before you start your digital solutions, make sure that you have mapped out your brand. Your audience needs a cohesive brand that will be easily recognizable.

Your IT Low-Cost Marketing Solutions – A Responsive Website, Engaging Mobile Apps, and Proprietary Software

A responsive website and mobile apps are worthwhile investments for non-profit low-cost marketing.  According to npEngage, a 2015 study of mobile fundraising by non-profits revealed that at least 1 in 6 persons made donations via a mobile device. This accounted for nearly 10% of donations. Engagement with donor/non-profit websites also registered a significant use on mobile devices with responsive websites registering at a higher conversion rate.

Yes, no matter the size of your non-profit, you can get proprietary software developed specifically for your needs. From management software that improves your outreach activities to those geared at optimizing your internal processes. They help you build a better non-profit to give back more to your cause.

What this means for increasing your reach as a non-profit is that these avenues for donor reach cannot be ignored and must be cultivated and actively used. You enhance your reach and impact and continue making a difference in the world. Marketing is not your end goal. It is a means to an end. And effective and ongoing marketing does not have to be an expensive venture.

No matter your non-profit goal, marketing is crucial to making for success. And, you can do more with less with the right technological solutions.

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