Strategies To Make Your Social Enterprise Stand Out

Social enterprises have grown in popularity over the years. Some attribute this to the inability of governments to solve social issues in their countries ( And to increased interests in giving back to society. But, no matter the reason, it is undeniable that social enterprises are competing amongst themselves and with for-profit businesses. This is […]

Low-Cost Marketing Solutions for Non-Profit Enterprises

Are you operating your non-profit enterprise on a shoestring budget? And do you believe that because of this you cannot afford the cost of marketing? Well, we are here to tell you that there are cost-effective strategies to market your enterprise. And you must take advantage of these low-cost marketing solutions for non-profit enterprises for […]

Technology in Social Enterprises – How To Deliver More With Less

 Digital technology is a strong influence in lives across the world. Even in hard to reach areas, technology has been a driving force for change and expanding the impact of social ventures. Technology in social enterprises is, therefore, a necessity to allow for growth. It expands influence and promotes ever more meaningful impact. Scale […]

Social Enterprise: Using Business To Make A Global Impact

Social enterprise is an expanding trend in the worldwide market. Certain social and environmental needs will never be met solely via organizations that depend on donations or grants. Therefore, social enterprises provide a great option for raising funds to support making a difference in the world. What Is A Social Enterprise? A ‘pure’ social enterprise […]