Stand & Deliver LLC

Stand & Deliver LLC

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    Carlos Davis

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    Blog, Wordpress, Marketing

The Client

Stand and Deliver is an established professional development firm with distinctive branding. They are currently one of Charlotte’s leading and most well know companies in the industry.

The Objective

The Stand and Deliver staff asked for our help to re-design a new user-friendly, responsive website that better suited their brand, and most importantly could continue to drive conversion to ensure they could grow in line with their business objectives and help clients take their careers to new heights.

The Result

The result is an eye-catching, completely on-brand website with user-friendliness as its priority. The website grabs potential clients with engaging and fluid design and ensures a memorable yet functional experience. The new website is fully responsive and works across many different devices, and includes information on the annual event, Charlotte Networking Week, all while integrating the team’s YouTube videos, Instagram and Facebook profiles.

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