Roots & Wings International Ministries

Roots & Wings International Ministries

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    Roots & Wings International Ministries

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The Client

Roots & Wings is a 501(c)3 non-profit headquartered in Honey Grove, Texas. Their team works in Mazatlán, Mexico to provide impoverished families with healthy and affordable childcare for children who have no one to care for them while their parents are at work.

The Objective

Roots & Wings asked us to design a new user-friendly, responsive website that better suited their brand, properly communicated their mission, and most importantly could continue to drive donations up to ensure they could help as many children as possible, grow their organizational objectives and help recruit volunteers easily, economically and effectively.

The Result

The result is an eye-catching, completely on-brand website with user-friendliness as its priority. The website grabs potential clients with engaging animated features and ensures a memorable yet functional experience. The new website is fully responsive and works across many different devices, integrating with the Roots & Wings’ social media and blogs.

In order to achieve this, we worked closely with Roots & Wings to really understand the charity and their goals and accomplishments. Being a full-service digital development agency, our involvement in the project extends from concept to completion.

Visit the Website.