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    Purely Fresh

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The Client

PurelyFresh is Singapore’s fastest growing online grocery concierge service that always keeps your pantry, fridge, and kitchen well stocked with fresh items!

The PurelyFresh team sought to alter the way in which the groceries are perceived and have expressed a great deal of interest in becoming a modern, young and vibrant grocery, known for digital innovation. With an aim of becoming a Top 100 online grocery within 10 years time, it is essential that PurelyFresh stands out from the competition.

The Objective

The main challenge associated with achieving the PurelyFresh goal of being a modern and grocery is that grocery stores a very traditional sector, therefore breaking these boundaries is particularly challenging.

In order to further increase the momentum of PurelyFresh’s growth, new and even unconventional ways of thinking are a necessity.

The Result

Growth requires innovation. We have achieved this by approaching the marketing strategy for PurelyFresh from all angles. After looking closely at PurelyFresh and evaluating the online grocery sector, we set to work implementing new marketing campaigns and revamping existing brand elements.

We have increased awareness of the brand through targeted PPC campaigns, landing pages and an optimised, responsive and user-friendly website.

Due to the fact that the accountancy sector is very traditional, we have not limited our marketing strategy to purely digital mediums but have included branded print advertising. We have overhauled the design of PurelyFresh’s site, including roll-up banners and graphic wraps.

All this and much more ongoing work has secured PurelyFresh’s place as the fastest growing online groceries in the region.

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