Outlaw Hair

Outlaw Hair

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    Outlaw Hairco

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The Client

Outlaw is a Hair Salon located in South Charlotte, North Carolina. The owner’s are extremely passionate about their craft; stating “Fashion is an ever evolving cycle and changes so quickly, but style is something that comes from with in.” So they wanted a new site to reflect that passion in a way that fit their unique personalities and ideas.

The Objective

We’re always up for a challenge. So, when a new hair salon company approached us looking for help with their branding, we lept at the chance to imagine something memorable and creative.

The Result

We created a clean and crisp website that is optimised for conversion, utilizing the client’s happy guests to showcase their hard work  and providing easy contact options. The clean design of the website sets the precedent for Outlaw’s contemporary and innovative approach to their work.

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