Market Madness

Market Madness

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    Market Madness

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The Client

Market Madness is a brand new fin-gaming company that has brought a new concept to the market. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina; Market Madness has brought together fantasy sports and the stock market in a new way for stock market enthusiasts to compete for cash and bragging rights by picking stocks.

The Objective

The owner of Market Madness approached us with his vision for a completely new “Fin-Gaming” platform. The new venture needed a website and mobile app promotional materials to ensure a successful launch.

The Result

We began by researching the finance industry, fantasy sports, and stock market. A lot of research was involved! Cue, Market Madness- a memorable name from which stemmed a all of the industries, features and functionalities incorporated; creating a foundation for a strong identity.

With branding in place, we cooked up a responsive landing page showcasing what Market Madness is all about. An explainer video is now displayed giving future participants a breakdown of the platform and contact information is easily captured to stay engaged with those future and current members of the Madness Community.

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